Why insulate your shed?

Spray foam insulation is the only effective way to insulate your shed with a water-tight seal. It will also stand the test of time remaining maintenance-free for the duration of the building.

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Frequently asked questions

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The costs of insulating a metal farm of a commercial shed will depend on:

  • The area that you require to be insulated, the economies of scale will apply here so the larger the area the lower the costs.
  • The depth of foam required will determine the price of insulating the shed. If you are changing the use of the shed from a storage space to a working space, for example, a greater depth of foam may be required if you just want to apply insulation that prevents condensation buildup.
  • Many shed roofs are difficult to reach so if you require scaffolding or a cherry picker to reach the ceiling that will affect the price a bit.
  • The number of labour costs must be added to any calculation of the price to insulate your shed.
  • If you require insulation on a wooden garden, for example, you will require open cell spray foam as water vapour will need to escape the shed and the foam will need to be ‘breathable’ See open-cell spray foam insulation.
  • Asbestos shed roofs can be encapsulated with spray foam insulation to prevent harmful cancerous fibers from escaping Read on asbestos encapsulation.

The most common type of sheds that we insulate are the farm or commercial sheds with metal roofs and walls. To insulate a metal shed we use closed cell spray foam insulation that forms a dense rigid coating that prevents condensation build-up helps regulate the temperature for heating or cooling and often strengthens the structure as well.

Yes, we do, we use an open cell foam EZero E500 Foam NSAI Cert No. 11/0365.

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