Asbestos Encapsulation

What is the best way to encapsulate asbestos roofs and walls?

There are many ways to encapsulate asbestos roofs and walls.

Closed cell spray foam insulation is a quick and efficient and cost-effective way to prevent harmful cancerous fibers from escaping into the air.

Asbestos roofs were widely used in Ireland from the 1950s onwards to both protect and insulate but when it was realized in the 80 and 90’s that asbestos-caused cancer. Many warehouses and sheds that are still fitted with asbestos roofs and walls are dangerous and are thus left vacant or only used for storage.

The costs of removal and replacement of the asbestos are often too expensive, so encapsulation is the only viable option available.

Closed cell spray foam is ideal for encapsulation. All spray foam contractors already use protective equipment when applying spray foam so are well equipped to deal with asbestos.

The foam can be applied on both sides of the asbestos walls and roofs at a fraction of the costs of removal and replacement making it a cost-effective solution.

The form itself when applied forms a dense rigid coating that is impermeable to water and air thus locking in the cancerous fibers and preventing their escape into the building.

An added bonus of using closed cell spray foam insulation to encapsulate asbestos roofs and walls is that it strengthens the structure itself.

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